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APRIL 6th, 2024

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(free entry)

13h30 - 18h

On S'en Fish


Be there at 13h30 to sign up and participate in the preselections for one or more of the available categories: Hip Hop, House, and Musicolofish.

22h - 24h

On S'en Fish


Celebrate and exchange in the dance floor after the action-filled battle.



18h - 22h

On S'en Fish

Main Battle

Judges: Nastya, Núria, Wesley

DJ: La Fougue, Remisan, Francesca

Musicians: Amit Dhuri, Fred Hormain, Charel Geimer

Categories 1v1 : Hip-Hop, House, Musicolofish

Money Prize: 300€

Tickets: 10€ online / 15€ on site / Free for dancers



19h - 1h



Buckshot of Black Moon (US)

MC Rene & Figub Brazlevič (DE)

Reverie w/ DJ Lala (US)

Dany Le Loup 

Bobby Bieles (DJ-set) 


Dusty D & Fazé

The Homegirl Monie (US)


Sage One The Wise (US)

Peanut Boy

Tickets: 12€ online / 15€ on site



(free entry)


13h30 - 15h

Screening of Hamilius: Hip Hop Culture in Luxembourg

A 2010 documentary directed by Alain Tshinza, who we will have the pleasure of welcoming at the Block Party this year!

15h - 16h30

Roundtable (FR): Sur les traces des danses Hip Hop au Luxembourg

Nous vous invitons à participer à une discussion avec le réalisateur du documentaire, ainsi qu'avec des représentants de différentes générations toujours actifs aujourd'hui. Nous aborderons la question des traces laissées par les danses hip-hop, au Luxembourg mais aussi au-delà, et en particulier la problématique des archives, des représentations et de la mémoire. Qui se souviendra de nous? Que faut-il préserver de notre histoire? Par quels moyens laisser des traces?


Alain Tshinza


André Afrika

Marc Fol

Animé par Laura Steil

17h - 19h

Pass Pass Le Mic

Donnez des mots, un thème, des idées, des samples, un style et Rachid Wallas et DJ Spain écriront, composeront, et enregistreront sur scène en direct. A la fin vous repartez avec une chanson !



(free entry)

13h30 - 20h

Open Air Stage

Animations including DJ sets and other musical performances.

Giamba's Open Mic w/ Headmasta

DJ Francesca Rose

DJ Headmasta

Beatbox and Rap performances

Animated by Claudia and Paul

13h30 - 21h

Food Court

We will have the chance to rest and enjoy the delicious food offered by Chiche and the legendary Knowedge ASBL waffles, in addition to the offer of Rotondes' Buvette.

14h - 18h

Live Graffiti

Ziké (FR) and Snok (LU) will be collaborating on a mural right at the entrance of the Block Party! Witness their creative process from start to end, and take the chance to speak to them.

14h - 18h

Discovery Wall

For those with a creative inclination, there will be the opportunity for expression and discovery with the guidance of a Graffiti artist.



(free entry)

  13h30 - 21h


An exposition that shines a light on the voices of actors of the current hip hop scene in Luxembourg.

13h30 - 21h


The market offer will include local businesses and associations that will surely catch your eye!

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